Wood-Elf Mercenary


Tarin was born the only girl-child in her extended family of wood-elf farmers and hunters, with brothers and male cousins galore but few female role-models to turn to (aside from a few elderly aunts). Soon after her birth, her mother fell ill and died, leaving her to be raised in a ‘pack’ of boys. It is little wonder that she knew weapon lore, fighting and standing up for herself before she even picked up rudimentary ‘female’ knowledge such as sewing and cooking. In order to succeed in the male-dominated surroundings of her childhood, she always had to be a touch faster and a touch craftier than her stronger brothers and cousins, otherwise she wouldn’t have stood a chance to be accepted as one of theirs. She worked hard on honing her skills, not wanting to be a liability, hating nothing worse than to be seen as a weak or helpless girl.

After tragedy struck her family, she ventured into human lends, becoming a sword for hire. On her way to Ubersreik she met two adventurers and things started to get interesting….



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