High-Elf Hunter


Summary: A High-Elf hunter, looking for ‘exotic’ game in the old world.

Athaniel is of usual build for an elf. He has dark black hair and his eyes are indefineable mix of blue and gray. Like all high elfs he usually wears make up on nearly every occasion, even those deemed inappropriate by most other races like hunting and war. He wears bejeweled silver rings on both of his hands and a leather necklace with a griffon talon mounted in silver.

Athaniel usually wears colourfull, bright and sturdy hunting garbs. He is almost never seen without his bow and sword. On rare occasions he dons an elaborate black robe that is embroidered with the images of bright flames.


Athaniel’s Story:

Athaniel is the youngest son of a a wine trader called Fendar who residedes in the Ulthuan province of Caledor. Athaniel spent his youth in splendour and protection at his family’s mansion. In his later youth it became very obvious that he had no interests in the trading business and his love for fine wines was limited to the sole purpose of consuming them. As soon as he began to show some interest in animals his familiy decided that it would propably be be the best to send him to their realtives in the province of Avelorn. There his father’s sister Ishtariel was married to a local hunter called Elthryn the Wise. Athaniel quickly adapted to the “less civilised” ways of the elfs from Avelorn and became a promising apprentice to his uncle. When Elthryns father recently died of old age family tradition demanded that the ancient family sword should be given to his eldest son, who lived in the elven quarter in the city state of Marienburg. Out of gratitude for his new found sense of purpose and in order to spare his uncle the perillious journey to the Old World, Athaniel volunteered to take on that journey instead of his uncle. After handing over the precious heirloom to its rightfull new owner Athaniel decided that since he was already here, he might as well travel the Old World for a while and study it’s fauna before returning to Ulthuan.


Athaniel worships all gods of the elven pantheon, but prefers Kurnous the Hunter, the God of Nature, and Liadriel, a lesser elfen deity of song and wine.


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