Human Apothecary


A human apothecary from Altdorf.


Argent was born in Altdorf as son of a glasblower an an howdy. His father worked for the glassblowing of the apothecary’s guild of Altdorf and teached him writing and reading.

Due to his parents efforts, he started an apprenticeship as apothecary with an arrogant member of the apothecary’s guild of Altdorf, Martin Held, who was the leader of a political group within the apothecary’s guild, which tried to restrict the apothecary’s work to the aristocratic and the rich people. Unfortunately, this master did not intend to teach Argent anything. Instead of that he preferred to let him work as his personal servant. Very displeased with this situation, Argent started secretly to study his masters library. He was pretty successful with that approach, but had no possibility to practice his new knowledge.
At this time an internal power struggle within the Altdorf apothecary’s guild leaded to a open confrontation between the inner political group, that was leaded by his master, and the acting council of the apothecary’s guild.

At this time, Argent decided to quit the service with his apothecary’s master, due to the described reasons. This occurrence was used by Klaus Klarwasser, who was a member of the acting council of the apothecary’s guild, to disgrace Argent’s former master. Martin Held was nobody, who was able to forgive easily, so he promised, to destroy Argent future. Feeling guilty for that, Klaus Klarwasser offered Argent, to continue his apothecary’s apprenticeship with him, so that he could protect Argent from Martin Held.

With Klaus Klarwasser Argent made progress very quickly, and after just one year, he was able to run Klaus Klarwassers apothecary business. Klaus Klarwasser, who was not only an apothecary, but as well a member of the Golden Magical Order of Altdorf. He realised soon, that Argent could not spent his life as (well paid) servant of an apothecary and he teached him Reikland lore, first aid and several other skills.

But Argent’s former master, Martin Held, did not forget or forgive, what happened. So secretly he worked to harm Argent and his master Klaus Klarwasser. Somehow he managed to get Klaus Klarwasser killed. The assassin was captured and executed, but he never told the judge, who recuited him.
Despite of the fact, that there was no obvious evidence of Martin Held’s involvement in that crime, Argent knew, who contracted the assassin. More than that, he let Argent know, that he will be the next to be murdered.

So Argent had to leave Altdorf.


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