Old World Mysteries

Session 4

Lock is Hard – Felix opens locked chest.
Go to inn and spend the night and drink 2 Dwarfen Ales.
Not much to hear in dining room.
Merchant Guild at Nulner Platz – Big green double doors.
Felix heals 1 crit.
AT breakfast Gnome comes into inn.
Gonome, Alfonse, claims to be world’s greatest investigator.
Hired to ensure security of son of Ludwig of Teli, sigismund.
Kidnappers want 500 gold for return of child.
Kidnappers want money in 3 days or boy will be killed.
Wants muscle to help rescue child — 5 years old.
Alfonse knows where child is.
Pay each of us 2 gold to rescue child.
Vendibahn number 12 before noon.
Tarl buys new armor.
Tarin questions beggar.
Wants us to watch a building, number 17.
Tarl sees nothing with telescope.
Felix sees kitchen and living room – person in kitchen.
40-year old man in red jacket, goes to outhouse with bucket – knocks four times at door and says something.
Red opens door for 40. both disappear inside.
Tarin tells beggar to find her pouch or she will kill him.
Tarl sees Red leaving front door and large muscular man.
Tarl sees Red has club and dagger – skylight is warped and cracked.
Red returns an hour later with large covered basket.
Red knocks 4 times and says something short.
2 guys playing cards – white hat and leather collar (skull).
Red shirt comes out with huge dog.
Group makes plan.
Felix climbs roof and gains 1 fortune for all shots from that position.
Tarin hides in outhouse.
Tarl pretends to be a drunken dwarf.
Three men come out of the house.
Felix shoots all three for 9 hits each.
Tarl hits Muscles for 8 hits.
Dog tries to hit Tarl, but bites himself on the ear.
Red hits Tarl for 1.
Muscles hits Tarl for 1.
Felix hits red for 10 hits.
Tarl hits Muscles for 9 hits.
Dog hits Tarl for 1.
Miscles misses Tarl – Tarl disengages and joins Tarin inside.
40 hits Tarin for 2.
Tarin misses. 40 misses counter blow.
Felix hits Dog for 12 hits barely killing it.
Muscles hits Tarl for 1.
40 hits Tarin for 2.
Tarl hits 40 for 9 hits.
Tarl hits 40 for 9 hits.
Tarin hits skull for 12 hits.
Felix hits Muscles, Skull and Hat for 10, 10, 13. Skull dies.
Tarl hits Muscles for 11 hits – Muscles dies.
Tarin hits Hat in the leg for 11 hits killing him.
Tattoo says stay right where you are. Lower your weapons or the kid gets it.
Felix convinces Tattoo to release the kid and run away.
Dead have mace, 7 silver, sheathed hidden boot dagger.
Alfonse and party head to father’s mansion.
Alfonse pays party 2 gp each.
Alfonse wants to meet for breakfast.
Party sleeps 8 hours.
Felix fails resistance check.
Party goes to Temple of Shalya – offering 20 silver.
Felix’s crit is healed.
Party questions beggar-goes to river-questions beggar.
Beggars names is Mikhail-sleeps at Auerswald Gate.
Beggar left town. Witch arrived in town asking for elven artifacts.
Withc fled last night. Witch cme from direction of Oxenford.
Send message with guard to Alfonse.
Party buys 3 horses with saddles and reins.
party heading toward Auerswald.
An hour later we see Mikhail leaning against a tree and shaking in his boots.
Party dismounts. ties up horses and goes to beggar.
Tarl sees two smoking horse carcasses mounted by Withc Hunters who have been flayed alive.
Party convinces Mikhail to return to city and search for thief.
Felix gets condition itching (1 misfortune to fellowship)
2 purses-20 silver coins (warped).
Tarl fails tracking.
Felix tracks witch.
It is late afternoon and the party is on the road.
Party gets 1 xp.
Felix has 2 stress points and 1 wound.
party has 1 point in fortune pool.

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