Blood, Guts, and a Sliver of Hope

Roads traveled, Introductions made
In which our heroes meet, fight, and court the maiden called destiny

Felix and Tarl have met on a lonely Reikland road, just north of Ochsenfurt. They soon came across a coach, which had been ambushed by Goblins. The only surviving passenger, a Wood Elf maiden called Tarin fought the Greenskins with them. After disposing of the enemies, they travelled on to Ubersreik. There they were hired to investigate the staff at Grunewald Lodge about a day’s trip north of the town.

The Boy in the Basement
In which our heroes meet a crafty Gnome and free a napped kid

After foiling the plot of a chaos cult at the lodge the adventurers returned to Ubersreik, just to get hired by Alphonse Hercules de Gascoigne, a gnome investigator. He wanted the heroes to free a boy from the clutches of his kidnappers, which they did to his full satisfaction.

Into the Storm
In which our heroes ride into town and slaughter beastmen

Alphonse then sent the group to Stromdorf to solve the case of a missing merchant. On the way there, they came across the tracks of a witch. Something, which got Felix the thief quite agitated.
The bridge over the river Teufel collapsing behind them, they arrived at Stromdorf. Their search for the merchant lead them to a farm south of the town, at the border of the Oberslecht swamp. They learned, that the family living at the farm had kidnapped strangers in town on a regular basis to give them as a sacrifice to the beastmen tribe inhabiting the area. Among the sacrificed strangers was the missing merchant.

At the place of sacrifice, the group was contacted by a strange, shadowy figure who informed them, that the beastmen had acquired some powerful stone and were about to overrun Stromdorf. So the adventurers did the heroic thing and went deep into the swamp. They faced the beastmen chieftain Izka Madtooth and slayed him along with several of his followers. They also retrieved the stone slab, which is continuously struck by lightning. Dragging the stone on a length of rope, they escaped from the swamp while scores of beastmen were already battling for succession of leadership.

The Witch’s Lair
In which our heroes break a curse and lose a companion

On the way back to town the adventurers come across new tracks left by the witch they came across when first heading towards Stromdorf. They also find a jade wizard named Tasidas studying the tracks. The wizard has been sent to this region by his college to investigate possible hedge magic. He joins the group to track down the witch. Before doing so, the group decides to return to town to heal and restock.

Back in Stromdorf the Group was approached by Niklas Schulmann, a celestial wizard studying elven artifacts. The adventurers give him the stone to study, being informed by the wizard that it is only a piece of a larger stone. He wants the group to seek the remaining pieces and promises a substantial reward from his college.

The adventurers inform the captain of the town watch, Arno Kessler of the abductions carried out by the farmers down south and a Halfling innkeeper. The watch arrests the whole Holtz family, but Keila the innkeeper escapes.

The group then sets out to not suffer the witch and catch her. They again venture deep into the Oberslecht until they reach an island in the river Ober, inhabited by children under the witch’s spell. Deep underneath the island they find her lair and eventually kill her. Felix, who was under the witch’s spell as well, returned to his true Wood-Elf form. He then left the group to reunite with his people.

Night of Horrors
In which our heroes dance with the walking dead

Back in town the Holtzes were put on trial, which was quick and resulted in their hanging on the field of Verena just outside the town walls.
The heroes meanwhile started to have very vivid dreams. Tarl kept dreaming of his long lost brother fighting in a frozen wasteland with the signs of chaos upon him. Tasidas had glimpses of Altdorf and a giant bird, swallowing up the colleges of magic.

The night following the Holtzes hanging, a chilly wind sweeps through Stromdorf and making the heroes skins crawl. Later that same night the Thunderwater Inn, which houses is attacked! By zombies!! Who used to be the Holtzes plus two Watchmen!!!
With a little help from the Innkeeper and his two sons, the group killed those flesh-eating bastards a second time.

A little while later that same night, the adventurers met an elderly gentleman, running screaming towards the inn. This man turned out to be a Professor Köpfchen, the town’s very own scholar. A skeleton, which he had hung up in his study to study the secret art of anatomy, has suddenly sprung to life clawing at him. Two of our heroes went and took care of that little matter, for which the Professor was immensely grateful.

The next morning the group was summoned to meet with bürgermeister Adler, who charged them with fetching the priest of Morr from his garden south of town, to have him take care of this new undead problem.

In the Garden of Death
In which our heroes learn about the devastation necromancy brings

On the way south the group is joined by Waltrout Glöckner, a hunchbacked imbecile trying to find his friend the priest himself.
The garden of Morr lies still as the adventurers enter, but soon enough the dead rise by the hundreds and force the adventurers to retreat into an ossuary. There they are attacked by skeletons while the zombies outside claw mindlessly at the barred doors. After defeating the skeletons, the group descents deeper into a crypt. Eventually they find the source of the undead problem in the form of the necromancer Lazarus Mourn, who possessed the body of a woman who died some months ago. The necromancer was draining the priest’s spirit and was protected by a huge skeleton. Still, the heroes managed to defeat him and the skeleton, saving the priests life. They also managed to secure another stone tablet, which the skeleton wore as a shield.
Returning to Stromdorf they handed the tablet to Schulman, picked up their reward and took a well deserved rest.

Meanwhile to the North
In which new heroes are formed from the blood of a beastman

Argent, an apothecary from Altdorf and Athaniel, a High-Elf hunter board a coach in the capital headed south. Argent heard about a treatise on swamp herbs written by Hieronymus Köpfchen of Stromdorf. He wants to purchase a copy from the author himself. Athaniel is searching the Old World for interesting game. He has heard of Reik Eels, which are supposedly hunted with bow and arrow. His destination is the river Teufel which is supposedly swarming with the creatures.
However, their coach was ambushed by beastmen. After disposing of the remaining one, the two unlikely heroes formed a bond of sorts and headed south together.
Arriving in Stromdorf their first impression is a great bonfire on the market square where the risen dead are burned.

Drenched with Rain, huddled together
In which new and old heroes meet

The two newcomers observe Tasidas and Tarl being honored by the bürgermeister for averting the undead threat while the bodies of the risen dead are burned in front of them.
The four of them get to talking in the Thunderwater Inn, and Argent diagnoses and stabilizes Tarin, who is suffering from Tomb Rot. He also informs the companions, that she needs healing from a priest of Shallya, the closest ones being located in either Altdorf or a small mining community south of Ubersreik, called Hugeldal. That night, nightmares haunt the heroes again. Tarl dreams of his brother leading a band of chaos warriors out of the snow onto a threshold of dwarfen workmanship. Athaniel dreams of a giant octopus, mounted by a Dark-Elf, with lights of a large city glittering in the distance. Finally, Argent dreams of a field of spring flowers. They all wither until only a plant of great healing power remains. Ultimately that flower too withers and dies.
While the heroes make plans to bring Tarin south to Hugeldal, the group is approached by Captain Kessler again. During the following audience with bürgermeister Adler, they are presented with a case of animal rustling in the farms south of Stromdorf.

They are mean, they are green, one of them’s a killing machine
In which our heroes go country

Deciding they would help out with the rustling affair, the heroes gather at the Thunderwater Inn. While decisions are made, a group of Dwarfs enters the in bearing the sign of untouchables and carrying a metal chest. They approach Tarl and wordlessly open the chest, take a representation of his clan-crest out of it, and smash it with a warhammer. Still in silence, they turn their backs to Tarl and leave the inn again. Tarl, shaken and upset goes up to his room and proceeds to shave his head and tatoo his arms.

Stealing some Stone
In which our heroes desacrate the temple of Sigmar

Tasidas handed over the thrid shard of the Lightning Stone to Niklas Schulman and was offered a reward for finding the last missing piece.

With Tarin still sick and in bed the little band of adventurers decided to investigate the lightning hounted hill called Tempest Nap. Before setting off for the little journey they tried to get some information about the hill from the locals. They heard a rumor, that once long before the Time of Sigar the hill was the Place of a mighty wizards tower, increasing their assumption that the Lightning Stone and Tempest stone here connected in some way or another.

After arriving on Tempest Nap the adventureres found some remnants of a once mighty tower. Some of the crumbling stones of the ruin were inscribed with some elven runes. In the centre of the ruines Tasidas found a circular hole in the floor where some tiles seem to have been removed. Tasidas was sure the hole was the original place for the lightning Stone. During the investigation of the place the never ending winds increased, and somespooky whispering voices in the wind repeated “The beardy Deavils, They are Coming” over and over again. Tasidas examined the place with his magical sight and saw four lines of power originating from the hole in the ground. There was one line pointing to each place where they found parts of the stone, and a last one pointing to Stromdorf. after this our heroes returned back to Stromdorf.

They investigated Stromdorf for another day and finally came to the Conclusion that the alst part of the stone had to be hidden in the temple of Sigmar, as it was hit by lighning all the time. Tarl investigated the tower, but found no sign of the stone, only a lightning rod attached to it. Our heroes managed to get a permission of teh priests of Sigmar to search for the stone, but were not allowed to damage or move anything. When they finaly arrived in the basement Tasidas could sense some source of power from beneath the floor, and Tarl instantly tried to dig for the stone. Unfortunately he never got to digging, because the high priest could not stand such an unholy procedure to be done in his sacred domain, so after some arguing finalyy threw out adventureres out of the temple.

Tasidas informed Schulman about the course of events, and Schulman convinced our heroes to get the stone while we would get some distraction for “those ignorant fools”. Niklas Schulman’s magic caused a rainbow column to form in the middle of the marketplace, and Athaniel convinced the commoners that this was an ill omen that would show that the beardy devils would appear soon. While the clergy of sigmar tried to calm the public and make them forget the ramblings of the heretic elf the rest of the heoes managed to enter the temple, dig out the stone and get the final piece to the inn.

Old World Mysteries

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